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At Strengths Theatre Academy, we believe that a pleasing persona trumps everything. Be it a resume, a portfolio or a project result-report, your personality speaks louder. With an impeccable personality you’re bound to attain success in all your life endeavors. We use innovative techniques and methods of personality development to help students overcome shyness, hesitation, low-self esteem and other fears.

StrengthsTheatre is more than soft skills training, we not only enhance personality development skills, but believe in empowering brilliant minds.

Our personality development classes have been undertaken by students, teachers, principals, CEOs, parents, winners of Miss India, Miss Diva and Mr. India who represent India at top international pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss United Continent, Miss Supranational, Mr. Supranational and Mr. World.

Over the past 15 years, our aim has been to make India more confident. We wish to build a nation where true talent is nurtured, personalities are built, strengths are played and weaknesses are eliminated. Join our personality development training with bandwagon of 1,00,000 students who have truly experienced the personality transformation of a lifetime.


We offer the best personality development courses tailored specially for your needs. We offer personality development and leadership soft skills training to pre-schoolers, kids, teenagers and adults (youth, homemakers, teachers, principals, entrepreneurs and beauty pageants contestants).

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Role of Building up Personal Growth in Career Foundation

Learning new skills? Soft skills or hard skills? In the view of choosing the right career? But how will you decide what career will be best for your personality type? In fact, a basic question that is left unasked by many of the employees before changing their personality according to the job requirements. What is…



The most delicate stage in everyone’s life being a student for it brings changes in their personalities and shapes up their future career prospects as well. But the only element that hinders their growth is stress. It can prove to be positive as it motivates students to perform their best in the given tasks. Stress can prove to be negative when it starts affecting their healthy living.

Teenagers are one of the most common categories that are prone to stress in their schooling days. Peer pressure leads their stubbornness to the next level. Therein lies the reason for the stressful situations to face.


  • Learn to forgive and forget:

There are various sayings on forgiveness and it is really important to make oneself happy and healthy. It may affect the body in a negative way. People should learn to forgive other’s mistakes and get to move on with a new start.


  • Set Limits:

Parents should set limits and boundaries to their rising demands. Their anxiousness will increase when their demands are not met properly. It is better to provide limited access to their favorite facilities as their curiosity will rise leading to negative behavior.


  • Provide counselling:

Counselling is not an extraordinary step to provide a calm environment to a student as it will enhance their capabilities, release the inner frustration, helps in focusing on the future self in a better way.


  • Go natural:

Students should spend their time alone by listening to soulful music and taking a walk in the parks. This will release toxins from the body. Personality development training should provide leisure activities to explore nature in a unique way so that students may find themselves busy in those stress buster activities.


  • Podcasts:

Listening to podcasts of their favorite speaker will motivate students to perform better in their academics and this will help them in focusing more towards setting those goals and objectives for the future. Studies show that people who inspire from their role models and motivate themselves gain more self confidence in presenting themselves to the huge audience.

Stress will be easy to handle with positive vibes, else it can act like a demon for a healthy body and mind.

Everyone wants to have a captivating look for their well defined personality. The secret of looking attractive is to be yourself. Embrace your beauty and the world will praise your appearance. There are different kinds of beauties that involve different shapes, sizes, and colors. People feel special when someone praises for their beauty. Though outer beauty makes people attracted to you it is the inner beauty that may appeal to people even more. The personality should be bold enough to be easy-on-the-eye for people.

There are certain traits that people should obtain in order to maintain a sophisticated look. Every time outer beauty might not attract people towards us. The inner beauty also attracts people who may like our polished personality.


  • Jolly nature:

Laughter is the best medicine as heard by everyone. It is really best for people to attract each other. The lazy and dull attitude is no more liked by anyone. Even though silly mistakes should be laughed over to create a light environment.


  • Interactive communication:

There may be introverts and extroverts in society but being interactive among the closed ones is considered a plus point for the alluring personality.


  • Well dressed

The first impression is the last impression as interpreted from many big level meetings. People can decide their liking for the person they find attractive for the first time. Body language has to be sophisticated enough to please the people around us.


  • Define your fitness level:

To remain fit is the secret to remain happy. It also gives the body the positivity it wants. Eating healthy food is not the only thing to remain fit but maintaining a healthy lifestyle gives us self confidence to present ourselves in front of people.

Evolution has been the part and parcel of the world in every aspect. Even the world happenings have been evolved since thousand years ago. Human beings also need evolution in their lives. Their personality also goes into many changes since their childhood. With the rising competitive environment, people need to keep themselves updated as per their personality also. Personality development classes are an important part of these changes now. These classes help people to work on their social etiquettes and helps them in shaping their personal growth and skills that are crucial to be acquired.

Personality development is the most talked topic for every person who needs to work on their communication and procrastinated behavior.


  • Helps in focusing on achieving life goals:

Those goals which everyone sets while deciding for the career are less accomplished when there is no diligent attitude among people.


  • Motivating sessions:

These classes help people to motivate themselves to do even more enhancing work. Those personality development classes provide motivational sessions to students who may feel dull and lazy.


  • Helps to combat stage fear:

Stage fear is the common cause for which people do not acquire effective communication skills. By improving our communication skills, we can avoid the old stage fear in our minds. The activities which those classes give us to perform improve our conversation with each other and there is a sense of self confidence that is brought into our personality.


  • Go digital:

As the digital era has entered into all the fields, many of the personality development classes are available online also. There are many channels on YouTube and other social media handles that prepare students for their future job interviews and gives them the idea to share their transformation stories on the same channels.

As per the employment records for the nation shows that the jobs are available but the right candidates are not available for particular jobs.  The reason might be the absence of job readiness skills to be placed at dream positions. As the competition is now increasing day by day and its modified version shows that people have to be more practical experienced along with the top scores in academics.

It is now considered important to improve the resumes by adding more skills in the same. There are many personality development classes that provide such activities and lessons that will improve the quality of the presentation at the time of interviews.


Professional response:

There are lacs and lacs of applications released at the point of time to provide jobs to everyone but do most of the job applications are filed properly? The response will be the minimum of all. As people do not know the correct procedure or the ethical rule to provide a proper response to those applications, the result would be that companies will find incomplete information in the resumes.


Technical skills:

Technical skills are the most important part of all the soft skills that people ought to acquire to achieve dream job positions. Technical skills also include the knowledge of computers and specific software for particular job profiles.


Appearances may lead to better job opportunities:

Instead of following the casual look for the workplace, the aspiring candidates should follow the decent code of conduct during the working hours.


Innovative attributes:

Employers will choose the kind of freshmen who will contribute their innovative ideas and show up their creative skills in their tasks. No manager would be happy to hire people with basic abilities with no creative stuff.


Time management:

Time and time never wait for anyone. As it is heard by everyone as a universal moral value, it is practically applicable in the employment sector. There are many golden opportunities that would not be waited for a long time.

For the coming future job prospects, these skills are as important as to attain professional degrees.