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Join our personality development classes to enhance your Soft Skills, Public Speaking, Spoken English & much more with the help of Theatre by our proprietary Theatrical Action Method (TAM)

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At Strengths Theatre Academy, we believe that a pleasing persona trumps everything. Be it a resume, a portfolio or a project result-report, your personality speaks louder. With an impeccable personality you’re bound to attain success in all your life endeavors. We use innovative techniques and methods of personality development to help students overcome shyness, hesitation, low-self esteem and other fears.

StrengthsTheatre is more than soft skills training, we not only enhance personality development skills, but believe in empowering brilliant minds.

Our personality development classes have been undertaken by students, teachers, principals, CEOs, parents, winners of Miss India, Miss Diva and Mr. India who represent India at top international pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss United Continent, Miss Supranational, Mr. Supranational and Mr. World.

Over the past 15 years, our aim has been to make India more confident. We wish to build a nation where true talent is nurtured, personalities are built, strengths are played and weaknesses are eliminated. Join our personality development training with bandwagon of 1,00,000 students who have truly experienced the personality transformation of a lifetime.


We offer the best personality development courses tailored specially for your needs. We offer personality development and leadership soft skills training to pre-schoolers, kids, teenagers and adults (youth, homemakers, teachers, principals, entrepreneurs and beauty pageants contestants).

  • Creating Foundations
  • Creating Winners
  • Creating Leaders
  • Iconic Youth
  • Identity For Women
  • Star Performer
  • Self-employed entrepreneurs program
  • Business setup based entrepreneurs program
  • Job based Training program
  • Certified Radio Jockey
  • Certified News Reader
  • Certified Motivational Speaker
  • Certified Emcee
  • Certified Actor
  • Preschool Support
  • School Support
  • College/ Institute Support
  • Staff Training Support
  • Teacher Training Seminars
  • Smart Parents Smart Kids Seminar