Strengths Theatre Academy (STA)

The Indian education system has come a long way since its inception but there are still one too many loopholes that prevent overall personality development of the child. The current system focuses on academic knowledge, degrees and certificates but what about aptitude tests, soft skills training and overall personality development?

Well, the need for smart personality development classes lead to birth of Strengths Theatre Academy (STA). The STA has been working constantly to provide top-class personality development classes to students who wish to make a mark in the society, at work place or in general life. The personality grooming course at STA is aimed at providing personality development training to students who are yet to hone their inherent personality skills.

The personality development classes at STA are lead by Sanjeev Datta, the man behind the TAM methodology. The man himself needs no introduction as he’s the pioneer of the personality development industry. He is responsible for bringing out a better, more empower and enhanced version of thousands of students with this specialized TAM program.