If your child lacks confidence and needs a steady boost up. If s/he has a weak personality and you are worried about her/his future. It is about time you stop worrying and consult Sanjeev Datta once, and try his revolutionary TAM method for a permanent change in your child’s personality. Be it hesitation for a particular job, shyness in the exposure of strangers or stage fears, TAM will be a helping hand to your child in the dark. There are many aspects of one’s character; voice, speech, concentration, body language, etc. Therefore, as Sanjeev Datta believes that character cannot be taught it has to be imbibed. That is what experts at sanjeevdatta.com do, imbibing needed personality traits in a human.

Standing on the pinnacle of human civilization, Human beings excel at building up their lives but forget to live. Often we find children lacking at social skills because they are born and bred in nuclear families and do not learn to mix up with others, there are many other reasons at work behind this particular trait in a child. That is where a child needs special help to overcome his problems and stand up a confident man in front of everyone. developing personality skills is not a light business as it includes many aspects of a man. The main three most important aspects of an individual’s personality are observation, cognition, and expression. At Sanjeev Datta’s revolutionary clinic, TAM takes care of each and every aspect individually and makes sure that your child develops a personality that you have always wanted him to have.

The theatrical action method (TAM) is a combination of many techniques combined. These TAM techniques are a combination of arts and science of personality development and transformation. Sanjeev Datta has developed this method for many years and when finally made tested it on many children and found extraordinary results. TAM turned out to be very effective in children who need personality development. During the fifteen years of development, Sanjeev Datta tested it on teachers and students of various schools in the Delhi NCR circle. It has changed the lives of around ten thousand children. The impact of TAM in these students has been revolutionary. They have grown out of their stage fear and other cognitive and expressive problems.

After many years of development and research, Sanjeev Datta has made sure that TAM becomes a unique method for the development of children’s personality. TAM in its complete form is a blend of many therapies. TAM is a blend of drama therapy education therapy and cognitive therapy so that a child overcomes his problems relating to stage fear and other communication problem. TAM has been proven effective in turning dreams for many and changing the lives of many. Not only, this works for children, adults are have also used it and found it life-changing. As Sanjeev Datta says, TAM is a tool that will help you “discover a new you in you”.

The history of personality lies deep in ancient Greek. Aristotle, considered the god of theatre acquainted common people of ancient Greek with theatre. It became a part of their entertainment. It is considered as one of the oldest creation of mankind. With time, the rules and uses of theatre evolved. Ancient Romans used to wear masks for depicting particular emotions. The masks were used to create and reflect the persona of the character. That is where the word personality came from.

Sanjeev Datta preaches and practices the many useful sides of the theatre. In ancient Greek, the theatre was only used as a medium to convey to common people. To date, the usage and utilities of methods of theatre remain intact. Practicing the methods can be very useful to enhance and boost confidence in a child, noticed Sanjeev Datta and employed it in his groundbreaking method, TAM.

TAM methodology does not only stress on a child’s stage fear because it uses the means of theatre. It also includes awareness, intent, action, integration, etc. TAM focuses on all-round aspects of a child’s life so that along with developing personality skills he does not lag behind in academia. Along with confidence and belief, TAM instills in a man , English dialect, behavioral pattern, ability to express, observe and comprehend properly.

Hence, TAM is the best gift a parent can give to their child for standing up against all odds in life. It will help him develop a personality that will stay by him and provide him courage in times of need.